Introduction and our vision


QPG company is trading with cosmetics, nutritional food supplements, pharmaceuticals and medical devices. All the products in our portfolio can be purchased in our online stores, pharmacies as well as retails. For more information about our articles, brands and products please visit the websites of the particular division.

There is firmly rooted philosophy of organic products in the QPG company based on traditional experiences as well as the latest scientific studies. Each product is developed and prepared in such a way that you can feel the high efficiency and functionality, in compliance with all safety requirements and product purity.

Success is achieved only by honest and ethical manner. We insist on a fair and transparent relations with all our trading partners.

The expansive growth of our business allows us to continually invest in new products and brands and expanding to other countries.



Our mission is to provide our customers with innovative, high quality products for body care. We are Slovak company. Since the beginning of our activity we kept in our minds the exacting and satisfied customer and business partner. We strive for overcoming the customers´s expectations, we act honestly, we do things the best we can, we work in team, we feel responsible for everything we do.

To the society we are working in and paying taxes we bring the "social responsibility". We are voluntarily getting involved in community projects to promote the general welfare of society.

QPG in numbers

Founded: 2008
Number of ees: 11
We are present in: 6